'Secret Melody' - Octavia Dingss

Don't die with the 'Melody' inside of you.
Sing it out, your time..
Feelings you're perceiving, break the 'chain'..

and flow just like the river, where the river will 'bring' you undoubtedly right to where you
Love, Love will always lead you, 
Light, Light will always lead you,
Love will show you..
Light will guide you..

Deeply Listening , shadow and light..
darkness follows light
Without the darkness, we can't see the light.. we would 'lose' of sight..

Of the way were headed, the way we need to be
Melody's , Music's all Speaks, now the 'Poetry' ..

- Octavia Dingss  ©2021OctaviaDingss Copyright

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Visionary Artist . Spiritual Medium . Song Writer. Spiritual Artist. Channeler Healer.

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'Secret Melody' by Octavia Dingss (Song, Poem Writer)

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