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Activated Amitayus Energy or Most called it White Tara Statue in Gold Frequency by Octavia (Channeler, intuitive healer, Ascended Masters Communicator, Angel Messengers and Psychic Medium)

Bubble wrapped + box

"Buddha Amitayus, the Buddha of Infinite Life, seated in vajrasana on a lotus throne with his hands held in dhyana mudra and holding the kalasa in his hands."

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Amitayus (Amitāyus, Tib. ཚེ་དཔག་མེད་, Tsepakmé; Wyl. tshe dpag med), 'The Buddha of Boundless Life' , Infinite — a sambhogakaya aspect of Amitabha, particularly associated with Longevity. Amitayus is mostly depicted sitting and holding in amitayus hands a vessel containing the nectar of immortality. Amitayus is also one of the three deities of long life.

"Welcome the healing energies of Amitayus into your life with this exquisitely detailed pewter tsa tsa. One of the three 'Long-Life Buddhas', Amitayus is revered for his ability to grant longevity, healing, and purification of negative karma. 

Synonymous with Amitabha, the Buddha of Infinite Light, Amitayus is the Buddha of all things beneficial to our lives. Outwardly, his practice grants us an abundance of worldly necessities: health, family, friends and good living conditions. Inwardly, we attain a greater understanding of Dharma and develop more positive states of mind. 

He holds a long-life vase, filled with the nectar of immortality, the elixir of life, and is especially popular amongst Buddhist practitioners for the tremendous benefits his practice brings, such as immediate peace and joy. It is a very significant and auspicious practice for Dharma students to offer Amitayus to their Lamas, as a request for them to live long and to continue to spread the Buddha's teachings."

🗝 All 'Statues, Crystals has Coded and Activated' #KeepVibrateatTheHIGHESTfrequencyasPosibble 

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Shipping from Bali, Indonesia.

'Working' days after Purchased Approx 3 - 11 days maximum (depends on the energy, frequency of the buyer.)

International Payments only until further notice. 
Transfer Wise / Leave us messages for more info and Payment details, thank you.

Highest Divine Blessings,


Activated Channeled Amitayus (Frequency in Gold) Tara by Octavia Channeler

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